I am a seeker of truth and light, a lover of peace and joyful living.

I engage easily with all of life's lessons, as I believe they are life's hidden treasures. My ability to hold deeply what concerns you will enable you to set aside your fears,enabling you to open your gifts. To shine the light on what looks dark, to find what is needed in the now. I will listen empathetically, whilst holding the sacred space that will support and guide you; for you to talk, to walk through your mind in your quest for answers, solutions, or simply to be heard.
I have been told that I am as warm as the sun rays, and yet cool enough to soothe an aching head. (please see the testimonial page). All this and more I bring in the field as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor (2012). Holistic Therapist (1991), and Spiritual Healer (1985)
My combined qualifications and practices, coupled with my own personal experiences have taught me that Life is a journey, it is for living, to forgive with understanding, and to love all, irrespective status, race, colour or creed, I will do my best to serve you well. Whatever path you are journeying through now, be it planning your wedding, have received a baby or child in the family, moving into a new home.
Need a prayer to comfort you. I promise I will do my best to serve you well. Whoever you are, however you are, I hope as you journey through the next page, there will be a service of interest to you, and I look forward to championing you throughout the journey and to witness your celebration.

Mashallah Faith


Marriage Ceremonies

Designed to suit your personalities, and to express your Love and intentions, your special day's blessings can be carried out immediately after the Civil ceremony, or on a separate day at a different location. For smaller group weddings, some people prefer an intimate setting, where the ceremony may be held in their home or maybe an hotel. However small or large I am able to make it very special day that both you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

Relationship Blessing

They could include new relationships, engagements, renewal of vows, anniversaries or business partnerships.

Baby or child naming ceremoies

A creative ceremony involving those present to welcome your child, or adopted child/children into the family.

Celebration of life Ceremonies

They include birthdays, graduations, reunion of loved ones, recovery from illness, rites of passage.

Prayer to support the sick or dying

Visits can be arranged for a service to be carried out either at their private home, hospital, or nursing home.



Beginners guided meditation courses consisting of: Breathing techniques to achieve relaxation, balance, focus, release of negative energies aligning mind body and spirit and much more.

Advanced Meditation

For those who have completed beginners course sessions include: Colour visualisation, Exploring energy fields (psychometry), Guided meditation through visualisation.

Meditation with prayers

Heal yourself with the power of prayer and breath work.

Energy Clearing

For home and work place where specialised techniques are used to remove blocked or negative energies, such anger, discord, lethargy etc.

Spiritual Counselling

It could be for marriage issues, Relationships, Families and young adults, Separation/divorce, Career and work related issues or Coping with loss or bereavement.

Other Workshops

Reiki 1 and 2
Spiritual healing for yourself and others including distant healing (for the advanced).



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